Jane’s Journey

Tonight I went to a viewing of a documentary on Jane Goodall’s life call “Jane’s Journey” and it left me changed. I walked away from the movie theater on fire and ready to go. Jane’s utter determination & focus to make people understand how desperate our environment’s situations is has ignited something inside of me. I want to join her forces and DO something. I’m ready to pack up and go.

Having a daughter myself, I have come to understand over this past year that complacency has no place in today’s world because there will be no world for her to grow up in. This isn’t a problem of the future, something that we can tuck away for another generation to deal with. This is a very real and very now. This problem is so pressing and serious that if we don’t shape up and change our ways, the ending will be fatal.

Having read a handful of books about her life and work with the Gombe chimpanzees, Jane Goodall has become a major role model for me. As my passion about nature & the environment have grown and become more serious, Jane’s story has largely influence the person I have evolved into. I want to have the guts to live my everyday life with courage and conviction and really get my hands dirty for a cause that I am passionate about.

Thank you, Jane, for being a beautiful human being and a beautiful example for the world to see.

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