Bohemian Color

pas·sion [pash-uhn · noun] – any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling

I love the “Daily Inspiration” features that I’ve seen blogs lately where they share a small bit about what they are feeling or digging that day. Creativity stems from inspirations and I think anything can be considered “inspiring” in our every day lives. People are affected by the world around them, whether they realized that they are absorbing people, colors, smells sounds, etc or not.

I want to stem off of that idea and start something similar called my “passion moments” – maybe not on a daily basis but as I feel like it because passion can’t be forced, which is the whole point of an inspiration!

So here is my first “passion moment” – I’m in a particularly colorful mood today and  with updating my kitchen on the brain, I am absolutely in love with the use of color in this space! The balance between clean lines, open space & bohemian flare is perfect and tastefully done.

(photo courtesy of Home & Decor)


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