project buffet table

I have a new project I’m working on.  Inspirations for my little projects around the house come and go in spurts. For the majority of this summer, my creativity and inspirations were greatly hindered by the fact that I didn’t feel well for 15 straight weeks. It’s amazing how not feeling good can affect pretty much all of my creative juices. But now that I have my energy back and I’ve turned a corner in my second trimester, the ideas are flowing!

Project: I want to finish my dining room at home. I have a table and some wall decorations, but I specifically want a buffet table to store my nice dishes in and to offer more serving space for family dinners. Instead of spending $400 or more on a new, boring cookie-cutter buffet table, I had the brilliant idea of buying an old piece with some character and refurbishing it to make it my own.

My mother and I went treasure hunting on Saturday at the local thrift stores and flea market and I found the perfect piece. It’s an older dining cabinet made out of pine that came with a top unit that has shelving and glass doors. I quickly donated the old-fashioned, clunky top portion to my uncle who wanted it and got to work on the bottom half. I spent Sunday sanding the top coat off and removing the out-dated hardware and tonight I put the first coat of primer on the whole cabinet. Because of Baby, my sweet dad let me borrow this crazy-looking gas mask thingy he owns so I wouldn’t breathe in the solvents that come in primer/paint. I looked like an alien invader and felt completely ridiculous wearing it, but at least I had the peace of mind knowing Baby was perfectly safe!


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