Yesterday we spent the day down in Mineral City at the Alive Christian Festival at Atwood Lake. Alive is a 5-day Christian music festivals with over 50 Christian artists and bands. I call it the modern-day Woodstock for Believers. There were thousands and thousands of people, families, youth groups, churches, that camped at Atwood all week. Because we didn’t plan ahead and we had the baby shower Friday night, we decided to go just for the day yesterday. The main person I really really wanted to see was Chris Tomlin, and he just so happened to be playing Saturday night as the headliner. So it was perfect timing. We’re already planning ahead for next year to take the week off and make a camping vacation out of it.

Obviously Chris was my favorite artist we saw all day. While other bands and artists made Christian music cool with their rock songs, Chris was a pure and genuine worship leader. His set was beautiful and uplifting and I my heart felt so full when we left. In the middle of his set, we looked around the amphitheater at the 10,000+ Believers on the hillside, standing up in worship, their hands raised to God, and it was just beautiful. The sense of community was awesome and I didn’t want the night to end. They had 4 different stages set-up throughout the park that had different bands playing all day long, and there were workshops and seminars going on with some pretty big names. We also saw Phil Stacy, Family Force 5, and Need to Breathe, which reminded me of Kings of Leon. I can’t wait for Alive11!

If our God is for us, then who could ever stop us?

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