how does your garden grow

My father every year since before I was born had planted a huge garden in the back of our acre yard. I remember growing up and spending countless summer days hoeing the rows, weeding the beans and tomatoes, picking, cutting, strawing. He always did it the old-fashioned way – using teeny tiny seeds planting in early spring and nurturing the small seeds into something more. At the time I remember grumbling at the chores but my summers were filled with green vegetables. I remember one year having so many green beans that my dad was giving away grocery bags full to family members.

I miss having a project to work on constantly. I miss the gratifying feeling when the new buds of a vegetable would pop up and the anticipation of waiting for it to ripen. I miss eating small cherry tomatoes right from the plant, warmed from the summer afternoon and feeling the dirt between my toes as we worked.

So I decided this year to give a garden a try. Although I have one of the larger yards in our development, I didn’t want to tear up a portion of it to plant the garden. So I came up with a more creative way to make it work – a patio garden. My patio is a bit larger than I had expected when we put it in last year, so I thought planters with veggies would add some greenary and fill in some of the cold, empty space to make it feel full and warm. It’s not a big garden, but it’s enough for me to see if it works and if I like it without committing too much to the project.

Today I went to water/weed the planters and noticed some exciting activity going on with my tomatoes, strawberries and green peppers!


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