earth day

“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.”
~Native American Proverb

Happy Earth Day! With the constant attention put on our environment and global warming, it’s hard to ignore the fact that today is Earth Day. But if that was easy to overlook, the release of “Avatar” wasn’t something I personally could overlook. Luckily Jason is receiving a blue-ray version for his birthday tomorrow, so I know what my Friday evening plans entail.

When I originally saw Avatar in 3D back in December, I was reluctant to go with my husband but seeing how many chick-flick I tortuously make him sit through, I figured I could be flexible on this one. Like most people who had just seen previews of blue human-like creatures, I was immediately skeptical that this movie was going to be the “biggest movie in history” as many bloggers and reviews predicted it to be.

I was wrong. I was blown away.  The story line was fierce – tastefully romantic while filling the bad-ass quota that goes along with blowing lots of things up. In a world full of the same stories and plots, it was unlike any other movie I have ever seen.  The world of Pandora they created was the most awesome (albeit fictional) place that could only have been thought of by pure imagination and creativity.

It is appropriately being released on DVD today, Earth Day.  A major theme coursing through the entire movie is preservation of the native land. I found this perspective fascinating…and effective – by the end of the movie, it had me wanting to live in a jungle in a treehouse with the bare minimum essential to live a simple, stripped-down life. And in the end, that’s exactly what the main character, Jake Sully, chose. It dove into detail about the connection of all living organisms – the energy that courses through one person to the next is all transferred energy, borrowed and needs to be returned. It was a prevalent theme that I hadn’t seen in a movie, which was refreshing and awakening.

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