little details

I’m very much a “details” person. It’s the essence of what I do for a living. As an account manger at a strategic marketing company, my livelihood is in the details. Planning, organizing, delegating – it’s really exemplified the perfectionist in me and has given me a bad case of OCD.

So it’s really no different at home because it’s not something I can just turn “off” when I’m not in work mode. Our new house started off pretty much a white blank canvas, literally. Slowly, I’ve tried to turn our sterile place into something warm, inviting and most importantly…me. The first thing we did when we got the house was paint every single wall in our house with some sort of color. As someone who has an art education, I believe in the power of color to create moods, atmospheres, feelings. Color is expressive.  I recently did a little “refresh” of my family room to spice up the details to compliment the bones of the design that was already there. It’s a dark cranberry red color that needs some extra TLC. I’m in love with beadings, scrollings, embroidery, gold threading, etc..


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