a captured moment

nikon cameraMerry Christmas world! I woke up yesterday on Christmas morning with a bad stomach bug, which left me out of it, exhausted, and unexcited about my gifts pretty much all day. But I woke up this morning with a new gratitude for all the wonderful things we received. My husband listened particuarly well this year, as the only single item on my whole list was a new, good camera. Lo and behold, the sole item under our tree that had my name on it was a beautiful Nikon 3000 with a regular and microscopice zoom lense.

I love photography and the ability to capture a single second in time forever in an image. Having a photograph with a moment forever frozen is really all that could be left of one’s life besides a fading memory, and that’s a beautiful and appealing concept for me. I have many pieces of my own hanging in my house and now knowing how great the camera is, I wish I would have asked for it 2 years ago before traveling to Israel and Italy. Oh well, I’ll just have to go back to get my shots!

I’m totally in love with this piece of modern technology, although not having read the users manual, all the settings and buttons still seem a bit scary. I’m looking foward to learning the ins and outs and sharing my favorites!


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